The proven conventional cage system for optimal laying performance.

The Salmet S700 conventional cage system is developed with the highest requirements regarding laying performance and bird health. The proven system is available in 2 different widths and tier heights and can be installed up to 12 tiers.

The S700 is constructed of wire with zinc aluminium coating giving maximum corrosive protection. The flexible bottom with supporting rods give comfort to the birds and the eggs roll easily on the egg belt. The egg belt is located in front of the system. The cages are opened by push in doors, which allows easy access to the birds. Water lines are installed in the middle of each tier so birds have easy access from both sides.

Uniform feed
The right feed conversion system is a core factor to success and operating efficiency. As an expert, Salmet has continuously improved the technical standard of the feedhopper and achieves best results.  The up-to-date feeding system meets the desired quality and quantity requirements for each bird and avoids feed waste and over consumption by keeping feed at the lowest possible level. A traditional chain feeding system can also be installed.

Hygienic environment
Manure belts underneath each cage create a clean and hygienic living space for the birds. The belts are equipped with an unique stainless steel scraper to clean the belt. The scraper can be easily removed for cleaning.

Egg collection
Elevator, lift or egg collection tables can be delivered for the safe collection of eggs.


Download for more information the Salmet S700 flyer. If you need more information you can contact us at info@salmet.de