• 10Sep

Expansion Asia team

SALMET is happy to announce the appointment of Mr. Henri Bonestroo as Project Manager to the Salmet team. Due to the continues growth of Salmet in the Asian regions we made the choice to strengthen the team and scale up our activities in Asia.

  • 05Sep

Cooperation SALMET® & Avi-Green

SALMET is very proud to announce the recent addition to our agent network in France. As of September 1st Avi-Green is our new agent in France.

  • 14Jul

Organic free range farm in the USA

Beginning 2019 Natural Eggs Farms choose for their location in Ohio for cage-free systems of SALMET. The first house of the complex, which consist of a total of three houses, has been populated with 27.333 birds in March 2019. The farm of Natural Eggs is located in Ohio and will have 82.000 organic hens when all houses will be in operation by the end of the year.

  • 28Jun

Successful open house

SALMET congratulates Mr. van Bennekom with the opening of his renovated layer farm in Lunteren-The Netherlands. His renovated and enlarged poultry house, previously used as traditional layer house (automatic nests + slats) is now equipped with the SALMET All-In-One aviary system and suitable for 15.000 organic layers.

  • 29Apr

Adjustments broiler colony system

The R&D department of SALMET Gmbh & Co. KG has worked on improvements of the broiler colony system so broiler production producers will gain even more profit.

  • 29Mar

New generation XXL-feed hopper

SALMET has developed a new generation of its travelling feed hopper for the S700 and AGK layer cages. The right feed conversion system is a core factor to success and operating efficiency. As an expert, SALMET has continuously improved the technical standard of the feed hopper and achieves best results. The up-to-date feeding system meets the desired quality and quantity requirements for each bird and avoids feed waste and over consumption by keeping feed at the lowest possible level.

  • 25Mar

First successful cage-free rearing aviary project started in Latin America

November 2018 SALMET installed the first Pedigrow rearing project in the southern part of South of America. It is the first rearing project in Latin America with SALMET.