Organic free range farm in the USA

Beginning 2019 Natural Eggs Farms choose for their location in Ohio for cage-free systems of SALMET. The first house of the complex, which consist of a total of three houses, has been populated with 27.333 birds in March 2019. The farm of Natural Eggs is located in Ohio and will have 82.000 organic hens when all houses will be in operation by the end of the year.
  • 14Jul

The complex has been designed to allow for easy access to the range whilst trying to avoid any narrow passage ways for the birds. The barns are equipped with Salmet’s All in One aviary and nest systems together with a modified version of Salmet’s Combi Barn Nest. The idea was to create a barn that is perceived very natural and the different heights of the system are supposed to allow the birds to change tiers easily and to allow all birds to find the system relevant details like nests, feeder, drinkers and perches without any problems.

Nests can be found in the middle of the barn where the birds find a quite environment to lay the eggs whilst on the outside rows aviaries create additional space to provide usable space with feeders, drinkers and perches. Special thoughts were put into trying to meet most existing and possible future standards. Natural eggs is  happy to report that they passed the cage-free American Humane Certified audit with a 100% for the barn & equipment.