AGK 3600

High performance enrichable colony system designed for maximum productivity of your birds.

AGK 3600 high performance enriched system designed for maximum productivity and manageability of your birds. The system features a nest with nest mat, scratch pad, perches, claw sharpener and a specially designed floor for smooth egg roll out onto the eggbelt ensuring great quality eggs every day.

The proven push in doors with a double spring system
keeps lots of tension on the doors all times so that you never
run the risk off them opening. At the end of the flock the entire
front of the system opens up for easy bird removal.

The AGK system features over 50 cm in height in the lowest
area giving your birds plenty of room to exhibit their natural
behaviour. Salmet offers 2 reliable options for egg collection.
Eggs are gathered gently and placed on the cross conveyor to
the packer or the Malteser elevator.

The AGK is suitable for 2 types of feeding system. Traditional
chain feeding or our exclusive feed hopper designed to
deliver consist feed in front of each bird. The water system is
available with stainless steel nipples ensuring excellent water
delivery to your birds.

Reliable manure removal
The proven manure drive system is used in the AGK 3600
system giving you reliable manure removal.


Download for more information the Salmet AGK flyer.
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