Breedio nest

For the highest amount of perfect quality hatching eggs.

The Breedio nest is developed as a bird friendly, high performance system resulting in the maximum number of hatching eggs.

The nest with center egg belt offers a quiet and hygienic place for the bird to lay their egg. Eggs have minimal contact with the open and soft mat. The short rolling distance to the egg belt preserves the quality of the egg. The curved design of the automatic expel system provides a bigger internal volume for the birds. Holes on top of the expel system provides a better air circulation. The plastic structure of the nest doesn’t allow bacterial growth and is very unattractive for lice and mite.

Plastic slats
The slats are designed to give optimal support and grip to the birds feet. This is not only important in order to avoid leg problems but also gives optimum support during mating. Good manure passage allows hygienic conditions and contributes to clean slats and nests.

Why choose the Breedio nest system:

  • Maximum number of first class hatching eggs
  • Up to 50% labour saving
  • Improved hygiene.
  • Cracked and dirty egg numbers are kept to a minimum.
  • Easy to install


Download for more information the Salmet Breedio flyer. If you need more information you can contact us at