Pedigrow rearing system

Give your birds a perfect start into aviary systems

The Pedigrow rearing system trains young hens in all aviary relevant system elements like nipples, feeders, perches and multi-tier slats with manure belts. This way birds learn everything they need to optimally perform in aviary systems.

The multi-tier rearing system is giving you full control over feed, water, manure belt & lighting systems. The middle tier has compartments for the placing and brooding of day old chicks. Depending on local regulations or stocking densities the bottom tier can optionally be ordered as a day old chick tier. After a few weeks the day old chicks brooding tiers open up and the system converts into a cage-free environment for the birds. To prevent you from attaching different parts to the system at different ages, certain elements are multifunctional. When opening up the system, parts of the doors are folded up and create rigid platforms positioned at different heights. Other door components become now ramps for the pullets allowing them to easily walk, jump and fly within the system and between rows of the system.

The design of the top tier is comparable to those in a layer aviary. This comes with perches as well as raised drinkers and feeder lines preparing birds perfectly to eat and drink from perches.

The system is also available with raised legs giving the birds additional scratching area underneath the system.

Easy vaccination
The Pedigrow rearing system consists of several compartments, which simplifies the catching and vaccinating of the hens. Each compartment can easily be opened for inspection, vaccination or catching.

The 2 bottom tiers are equipped with adjustable water lines. The top tier has one fixed waterline. Different types of nipples train the birds perfectly for a variety of nipples that are used in layer aviaries. Feed is included on all 3 levels. LED lights are installed at the brooding tiers to assist in promoting proper bird behaviour.


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