Salbro pan feeding system

Give your broilers an excellent start to perform optimally from day 1 until harvesting

The SALMET Salbro pan feeding system for broilers is developed to give your birds an excellent start to perform optimally from day 1until harvesting.

Excellent growth
Each feeding line has feeding pans installed every 75 or 100 cm. There is no need to adjust the feeding pan, the pan is suitable for doc’s up to harvesting. So from day one on the birds have easy access to the feeding pan without the loss of feed. This supports growth and the uniformity of the flock.

Besides an optimal FCR and an excellent start, also time for labour is being reduced. The feeding pan exists of three parts with a special lock and hinge that allow optimal maintenance and cleaning. Installation of the Salbro feeding system is very easy.

Easy control
As option we can deliver a transparent control pan. By using the control pan it is possible to see at a glance whether the sensors are working correctly.

Optimal performance
To optimally perform a broiler needs more than only feed. Water, ventilation and lighting are 3 other important key factors to the success of your broiler operation. Salmet supplies a complete package for your broiler operation to make it a success!


Download here the Salbro pan feeding flyer for more information