Adjustments broiler colony system

The R&D department of SALMET Gmbh & Co. KG has worked on improvements of the broiler colony system so broiler production producers will gain even more profit.
  • 29Apr

New feeder
A good FCR is one of the most important factors for the result of your company. SALMET has developed a new feeder for the broiler colony. The new feeder has a low rim height so day-old chicks have easy access to the feed. To avoid feed wasting the pan has anti waste protection. The feed level is easy adjustable when the birds grow older.  To clean the pan you don’t have to dismantle it. A hole on top  makes it easy to clean the pan on the inside with a high pressure cleaner.  Micro holes on the plate allows the water to drain completely, leaving no residue.

Lifting mechanism
A special lifting mechanism is available to central lift each feeding line very easily.

SALMET made some adjustments to the existing broiler floor. All rods are now completely covered with plastic which makes it very hygienic and easy to clean . The beams to slide the floor in are also changed from design. The new design contributes to the hygienic standards and makes the floor easier to slide out of the system.

Why choose the SALMET broiler colony system:

  • Higher stocking density, up to 3x more compared to floor system
  • Increased utilisation of house surface
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Perfect meat quality (no blisters, blue spots & feet problems)
  • Uniform flock
  • Reduction of antibiotic use
  • Low mortality

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