New generation XXL-feed hopper

SALMET has developed a new generation of its travelling feed hopper for the S700 and AGK layer cages. The right feed conversion system is a core factor to success and operating efficiency. As an expert, SALMET has continuously improved the technical standard of the feed hopper and achieves best results. The up-to-date feeding system meets the desired quality and quantity requirements for each bird and avoids feed waste and over consumption by keeping feed at the lowest possible level.
  • 29Mar

With the introduction of the XXL-feed hopper SALMET offers more volume, up to ca 60 kg per feed bin* and there for can be filled in the front of the layer house instead of having centre feeding in the middle of the house, while offering at the same time enough feed capacity for the entire house, regardless of its length.

The XXL-feed hopper is easily fixed to a normal feed hopper via slots and key holes, which allows both, attaching it to and removing it from the travelling feed hopper very easily. It is also possible to retrofit existing feed hoppers with the system.

The existing hopper also remains available. The unique features of the SALMET feed hopper are installed on both versions. This means that egg belt brushes, feed trough scrapers, feed hopper agitator are always standard. Both feed hoppers can optionally equipped with egg belt cleaning blowers.

With this new innovation SALMET is contributing to the success of your layer operation. For more information please contact our office +49 6074 37600 /

* based on a test with feed of a density of 0,8kg/l, may vary depending on type of feed

XXL-feed hopper
XXL-feed hopper