Cage-free layer system manufacturers have had to adapt

As the U.S. egg industry is moving closer towards cage-free commitment deadlines and state legislative mandates, equipment producers shared with Egg Industry Insight how their systems have been improved.
In 2016, Egg Industry Insight completed a series on three types of cage-free housing (floor systems, aviaries, and combination systems) by surveying cage-free housing system manufacturers around the world . However, over the past five years, cage-free systems has shifted to predominately aviary styles and away from convertible/combi systems. Egg Industry Insight completed another survey with five equipment manufacturers to find out how they have adapted to keep up with the cage-free demand. Each company was asked to describe updates they have made to their cage-free systems.
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Salmet’s upgrades have kept bird density in mind due to local regulations.

“In Salmet’s new aviaries, we have introduced a narrower roof-slat (slatted flooring on the top-level) so birds can more easily reach the top levels for perching. We have introduced extra slatted areas to provide more living space, meaning we can have greater bird numbers per house,” explained Mari van Gruijthuijsen, Director Sales and Marketing. The top level of some of Salmet’s aviary structures are narrower so that birds will be encouraged to move upwards. But to keep bird density in mind, the egg belt in these systems was moved to the outside of the nesting area to provide more living space.

“Also, we have introduced a new automatic layer nest with a covered egg belt. This covered egg belt area also counts as living space, so this leads to higher bird numbers. Salmet’s Pedigrow system can be equipped with taller legs, so the additional floor level also counts as living space” However, the same floor area can be closed off (automatically) for a certain time period in the initial stages of the pullet rearing.

Salmet’s All-In-One System is the most popular due to its straightforward design with nesting, feed, water, light, and perches on each row of system. Additionally, it contains manure removal belts with stainless steel scrapers installed under each level of slatted floor for a quick removal.

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