Introduction new Premium Broiler Slat

The R&D team of SALMET worked hard at an upgraded version of the existing broiler slat. The new premium floor, which provides a rigid and strong structure, whilst providing a soft and gentle surface for the broilers to provide them a clean and comfortable living area. This has resulted in a floor, which gains strength through four metal pipes per floor that are completely encapsulated in the surrounding plastic floor.
  • 20Mar

The well proven benefits already known from Salmet’s existing floor were also used in the new floor. So two floor parts are hinged together with two stainless steel rods to provide a foldable floor, which allows the operators to pull the floors in front of the system even in smaller aisles.

Benefits new Premium Broiler Floor

  • Foldable floor
    • easy work in aisles as operator can stand in front of cage
  • Metal pipe reinforcement for stability
  • Completely plastic covered
  • Stacked transport
  • Easy assembling at the building side (only press stainless steel rods into holes of the two floor parts to create the hinges)

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