Statement on Corona

  • 27Mar

Dear customers,

In the past week we have seen that the majority of poultry exhibitions has been cancelled or postponed. Also a lot of restrictions are announced for international traveling. We fully understand this of course in the interest of protecting everybody’s health.

I am writing this item because there is an alternative for all these cancelled meetings:

Did you know that Salmet has developed a unique tool which can replace all exhibitions, personal meetings and even on site farm visits?

As the only equipment supplier in the world, we have developed the Salmet iCenter. In iCenter we are able to present to you your future farm, an individual poultry house and all equipment inside the house in Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality is a high tech way of presenting your solutions in your office, on your future farm land or (very important for now:) also by video conferencing. It goes much further than 3D and it will give you the unique possibility to be present inside your future new farm or farm building and inspect every single detail of your future equipment.

So we really have an alternative for exhibitions and even for face to face meetings. We encourage you to make use of it by simply sending an email to Salmet’s Regional Business manager or directly to me (

We look forward continuing our service to you via this unique and safe way.

Best regards,

Mari van Gruijthuijsen
Sales & Marketing Director