Start of a new enriched colony project in Canada

Beginning of March 2022 we started the installation of a new enriched colony facility in Ontario Canada:

Customer: Bourdon & Vallance Ag Inc. farms
System type: AGK-3600 Fully Enriched colony system 8 rows, 4 tiers
No. of birds: 69.440 birds
  • 25Mar

We are very proud of this new state of the art facility that is being built in Ontario Canada.

We asked our customer Bourdon & Vallance why they have chosen the SALMET AGK system:
“This is the first of many barns with Salmet GmbH and we are very excited for the future success with Salmet. Why our choice to switch to Salmet was; we spoke to many other growers across the country and got only positive feedback on sustainable equipment and very high quality in products. Our resources said it’s well worth the investment! Also, what was important to our company was the fact that we heard that the support during and after a project was outstanding”.

Rick Knauer, Regional Business Manager of SALMET: “We here at Salmet take pride in in assuring that every customer receives the highest quality of customer satisfaction and highest quality of production together with our dealer Glass-Pac, Ontario”.

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Rick Knauer –