Cooperation Salmet and Silobouw Decock (BE)

During the Agriflanders fair in Gent (Belgium) 10 - 13 February Salmet and Silobouw Decock have announced their cooperation for the Belgian market. Silobouw Decock will represent Salmet and focus on housing systems for layers.
  • 15Jan

Salmet founded in 1962 is a German manufacturer of housing systems for poultry. Their product range includes the All-in-One and HighRise 3 aviary system for laying hens. In order to achieve a good result in your aviary system, a well-reared laying hen is an important factor. Salmet also has a solution for it, the Pedigrow rearing aviary. In addition to manufacturer of poultry systems, the Salmet group is also one of the larger German laying poultry farmers with various layer- and rearing farms.

Silobouw Decock is a leading supplier of quality systems for poultry and pig farming in Belgium and will now also represent Salmet in the Belgian market. Decock takes care of the installation and after sales of the Salmet systems as well as the customer guidance.

John van Breugelen, business manager for Belgium for Salmet proudly says “I am very pleased to be able to have a professional partner such as Pieter Decock and his team to supply Salmet aviaries in Belgium and I am very pleased to announce this cooperation at Agriflanders” .

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