First successful cage-free rearing aviary project started in Latin America

November 2018 SALMET installed the first Pedigrow rearing project in the southern part of South of America. It is the first rearing project in Latin America with SALMET.
  • 25Mar

To manage a successful cage-free layer farm the quality of your reared bird is very important for the result of your farm. A bird reared in a cage-free rearing system adapts easily to the environment in your cage-free housing system. The SALMET Pedigrow aviary system trains young hens in all aviary relevant system elements like nipples, feeders, perches and multi-tier slats with manure belts. This way birds learn everything they need to optimally perform in aviary systems.

The owner of the project in Latin America understood the importance of a well-trained bird and had therefore chosen for the Pedigrow rearing system. Additionally, the decision was based on Salmet’ s proven quality and extended knowledge and support for the management of birds in aviary systems. In the Pedigrow 2 system are about 30.000 birds raised. Salmet’s Technical Poultry Husbandry Advisor was there to assist the client with the start-up during the first weeks. The start and development of the birds is going well and successful reared birds have been housed in the Salmet aviary layer farm.

Watch the movie made during the first week after housing the day old chicks.

Also wannabe the proud owner of a successful cage-free layer farm? Contact our regional business managers for the proper advice based on years of successful experience in own production farms.